West Virginia Broken Bones Attorney

Basics of broken bones:

  • A broken bone, or fracture, occurs when more pressure is applied to the bone than it can withstand.
  • Bone fracture, bone crack, broken bone all refer to a broken bone
  • An open fracture occurs when the broken bone punctures the skin
  • Repeated stress upon a bone may cause a stress fracture. This is often seen as a hairline crack
  • Children’s fractures may be difficult to diagnose because of a lack of sufficient calcium

Broken bones have virtually endless causes. If you experienced a broken bone that was caused by another individual’s negligence, or the negligence of an employer, a defective product or other cause, it is advisable to seek the professional advice of a West Virginia broken bones personal injury attorney to discuss whether compensation may be available to you for your injuries. Tiano O’Dell, PLLC is a personal injury law firm that represents clients who have been injured by the conduct of other individuals, companies, products and other causes.

Causes of Broken Bones

Broken bones have many causes. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Falling from heights and landing on any type of surface
  • Automobile and motor vehicle accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Blunt trauma force upon a bone
  • Repetitive actions that cause stress to the bone, including lifting, moving, pulling, raising, grasping, reaching and more
  • Slips and falls at ground level

If you experienced a simple or compound fracture that was caused at work, it is important to note that employers have a duty to maintain a safe working environment. Employers are obligated to educate their employees about safety in the work environment. Slippery floors and other dangerous work circumstances should and can be avoided. In many circumstances, employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation. In other circumstances, a personal injury claim may be the appropriate legal remedy to seek compensation for injuries caused by negligent conduct. Tiano O’Dell, PLLC offers a complimentary consultation to review the circumstances of your broken bones accident. This will give you the opportunity to better understand the legal options that may be available to pursue compensation for injuries.

Complimentary Case Review with Charleston, West Virginia Broken Bones Attorney; No Fees Unless We Win Your Case

If you were injured by another individual’s negligence, you may seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Usually you will seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, hospital bills, therapy, more
  • Physical and emotional suffering
  • Lost income that originated at the time of the accident
  • Permanent disability – in cases where you are no longer able to work
  • Wrongful death – survivors of a deceased individual
  • Punitive damages – in circumstances where conduct was extreme, intentional or malicious

Tiano O’Dell, PLLC has recovered compensation for thousands of injured clients. As Top 100 Trial Lawyers and West Virginia Super Lawyers, Tiano O’Dell, PLLC has the professional experience and knowledge to help you in your pursuit of compensation. There are no legal fees unless we win your case in court or reach a satisfactory settlement. To schedule your free consultation, call Tiano O’Dell, PLLC at (304) 720-6700.