4 Tips to Play it Safe on Spring Break

As the temperatures heat up and weather conditions become clear, West Virginians are seeking out spring break vacation opportunities to soak up the sun. State park campsites are reopening, COVID-19 restrictions have lessened in many states, and folks are more than ready to enjoy this year (and last year’s) spring and summer.

But while you may be ready to hit the road with the family in tow, there are a few precautions you should consider. Car crashes, boating accidents, unexpected falls, and so many other unfortunate incidents can occur on vacation.

Make your spring break safe and memorable for all; consider these tips before you pack up the car.

1. Drive safe.

Not only is it illegal, but it’s incredibly dangerous and sometimes fatal to drive under the influence. Be smart and think of others. If you’ve had too much to drink, have a sober friend drive you to your destination. Or, catch a ride from one of the many ride-hauling services available – take the extra step of checking your driver’s ratings before getting in the vehicle!

Your risk of a car accident increases if you are not alert while driving. Don’t drive if there’s a chance of falling asleep at the wheel or being easily distracted. If weather conditions become too harsh to drive, pull over, or consider checking into a hotel for the night. Plan your route ahead of time, and consider rest stops in your travels.

2. Secure personal belongings.

Consider using a safe in the hotel room or place you are staying to keep your belongings secure. There’s always a concern for personal credit cards to be stolen. In case this was to happen, it’s a good idea to make copies of your credit cards and ID cards before your trip.

3. Stay alert.

Vacation is typically filled with outdoor adventures. Whatever your plans are, be sure to stay alert – whether it’s swimming in the hotel pool or ocean; boating on a lake; or biking through canyons. It’s also critical that you are prepared for your adventure. Keep a first aid kit on hand, and if there’s no cell service, let someone know where you are going and when to expect you back at your hotel.

4. Be aware of your surroundings.

Though your destination may be completely new to you, it’s important to be aware. Look for security cameras and stay in well-lit areas. Don’t go to areas that are dark or appear to be unsafe. If possible, always have a friend with you when you’re out exploring a new town or city.

Spring break should be a stress-free time of relaxation; however, there are safeguards that need to be in place to ensure everyone’s safety is a top priority.

We want you to be safe. Nevertheless, if you or someone you know has run into trouble while on vacation, contact your West Virginia personal injury lawyers at Tiano O’Dell to set up a free consultation.