Traffic accidents remain one of the leading causes of death across all age groups, according to population data from the CDC. Take a look at our area roadways at rush hour, and it’s not hard to understand why. Traffic swirls from all directions and multiple turn lanes confuse already frustrated drivers. However, some intersections are simply more dangerous than others, for drivers and pedestrians alike. How many of these dangerous Charleston intersections do you take every workday?

1. Route 33 and Kessling Mill Road

Students from a local elementary school recently petitioned the County Commission to install a traffic light at this intersection.

The students, Emily Jozwick and Cloey Warner, collected over 300 signatures from local residents. When asked about their motivation, the students replied, “Because we don’t want as many lives being lost, and maybe it will stop more wrecks from happening.”

The intersection has been the site of many crashes over the years. One recently claimed the life of a man native to Upshur County. The commission approved the petition, and the West Virginia Division of Highways will likely consider the proposal sometime in 2016.

2. Pennsylvania Avenue & Washington Street West

According to police data, this intersection is consistently on the list of most dangerous intersections. Authorities determine this by the number of vehicle crashes reported in the area. Expect to see a high police presence in the coming months as officers will be looking specifically for speeding violations and aggressive driving.

3. East End Intersections at Greenbrier

East End neighborhood officials have noted the local crosswalks are dangerous to pedestrians and are determined to do something about it. In October of 2014, an elderly woman was struck and killed by a car when she was attempting to cross at Virginia Street.

Unfortunately, Greenbrier is classified as a state road, so neighborhood officials are powerless to make any changes without state approval. Still, residents are doggedly pursuing the funds to make improvements, including the installation of crosswalks at intersections through Greenbrier. East End Board of Directors member Lori Brannon said she expects the approval to be successful.

“They were very welcoming to us,” she told the West Virginia Gazette. “The state really opened their arms to work with East End Main Street. They understand the safety issue.”

4. 36th Street and MacCorkle Avenue

Local authorities named this the fifth most dangerous intersection in Charleston after reviewing crash data and accident reports. Traffic officers have upped their presence in order to deter motorists from gunning their engines when the light turns yellow, one of the most common causes of accidents. In fact, running red lights is the single most important factor in urban car accidents, according to the National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running. The city reported 16 wrecks caused by red-light running at this intersection in 2010.

“Our main goal here is to reduce the number of crashes and to reduce the injuries caused by these crashed,” police Sgt. Nick Null told the Gazette. “We need to get the message out there for people not to try to beat the yellow lights and definitely not to run the red light.”

Protect Yourself from Accidents

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