Burn injuries provide a compelling threat to global public health. They claim an estimated 265,000 lives annually. They occur mostly at home or in the workplace and are largely preventable. But did you know that the type of burn you sustain can vary greatly by your sex? Check out your chances of getting a burn injury.

Types of Burns

A burn is classified by the World Health Organization as any damage to organic tissue as the result of heat, radiation, electricity, friction, or chemicals. Thermal or heat burns can be caused by contact with liquids, solids, or open flame. The gravity of the burn is usually assigned by degrees:

  • First-degree burns occur when only the superficial layer of skin is affected. Symptoms may be redness or minor inflammation.
  • Second-degree burns are more serious because their damage reaches beyond the outermost layer of skin. They may blister and peel, leaving your body prone to infection. To protect the delicate healing skin, the burn should be bandaged at all times.
  • Third-degree burns are the most serious. They extend to the nerves and muscles underneath your skin and may take on a black or chalky appearance. Victims of third-degree burns are often permanently disabled.

What Are My Odds?

Bad news for the guys: if you have a Y chromosome, you’re more likely to suffer from a burn injury. A recent study from the American Burn Association found that 70% of those seeking medical treatment for burns between 2003-2012 were men. Public health officials have a couple of theories for this information. First, men are more likely than women to engage in risk-taking behavior. As a comparison, men are nearly 3 times more likely to die of unintentional injury and 5 times more likely to die in a homicide or suicide.

Second, men are more likely to be employed in occupations that can lead to a burn injury (i.e. firefighting and professions that handle industrial chemicals). Women, by contrast, are more likely to suffer burns due to scalding.

According to the American Burn Association, here’s how a female’s risk breaks down by burn type:

  • Contact with flame: 46%
  • Scald burns (i.e. spilling hot liquid): 32%
  • Thermal burns (i.e. irons): 8%
  • Electrical burns: 4%
  • Chemical burns: 3%
  • Other (i.e. sunburn, inhalation, etc.): 7%

Fortunately, burn injuries have a survival rate of almost 97%. However, burns are still one of the most painful experiences you can imagine. Burns essentially expose your nerves to the outside elements, so they constantly signal the brain, which causes intense pain. That’s why the pain of even a small burn can persist over days.

Hiring a West Virginia Burn Injury Attorney

If you’ve been seriously injured by a burn, your main priority should be your recovery. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may need long-term rehabilitation or face permanent disability. If you believe your burn was the result of occupational negligence or a product defect, you may be able to receive compensation. At the law office of Tiano O’Dell, PLLC, an accomplished West Virginia burn injury lawyer can successfully procure a settlement that can help you recover from medical bills, lost wages, and emotional damages.

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