Do you prefer to use an iPhone or a phone that uses the Android operating system? This is an ongoing debate that you have most likely engaged in with others. In fact, very rarely do you ever meet somebody willing to make a switch from their preferred operating system to the other. Interestingly, there have been studies that look into whether iPhone or Android users are more likely to be distracted while operating a vehicle. Here, we want to discuss these findings while also examining the various types of distracted driving caused by our increasing use of technology.

Various Studies Have Show Interesting Results

The studies related to whether or not iPhone or Android users are more distracted on the roadway have been done by insurance comparison companies. Now, before you roll your eyes at consumer companies conducting this type of research, it is important to understand that these entities have a stake in the results, and they need accurate data.

The first of these companies is The Zebra. According to The Zebra, their data has revealed that:

  • 51% of iPhone users say they text while driving, while only 35% of Android users admitted to texting while driving.
  • 33% of iPhone users say that they take photos while operating their vehicle, but only 23% of Android users admitted to doing the same thing.
  • 27% of iPhone users say that they browsed social media well operating their vehicle, compared to 13% of Android users who said the same thing.
  • Finally, 8% of iPhone users say that they streamed their favorite shows while driving, but only 4% of Android users admitted to the same thing.

The second study we want to look at comes from Insurify, another insurance comparison company. The data gathered by Insurify is different than the data gathered by The Zebra. In particular, the data from Insurify shows that iPhone users are generally younger than Android users. In their survey, more Apple iPhone users identified themselves as students when asked about their occupation. We bring this up to point out that younger drivers are also more likely to operate their vehicles while distracted by cell phones and other devices.

Insurify also noted that around 13% of iPhone users had received speeding violations, while only 10% of Android users admitted to having received a speeding violation.

Why Does This Matter?

The reality is that distracted driving is dangerous, regardless of what type of operating system you have. Even if you still have an old flip phone, you can still be distracted by the device while you are operating a vehicle. What really matters is that drivers become more aware of how dangerous distracted driving can be, not only for themselves and their passengers but also for others on the roadway. Distracted driving behaviors can result in severe injuries, and these injuries are entirely preventable.

Distracted driving remains a major problem when it comes to roadway safety in West Virginia. This state has attempted to curb distracted driving behaviors by banning texting and driving and by prohibiting the handheld use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle. Additionally, any driver under the age of 18 in West Virginia is prohibited from using any type of wireless communication device. However, the ever-increasing popularity and use of technology in our lives mean that most drivers are finding ways to interact with their devices while behind the wheel.