Each holiday season there is a toy, or multiple toys, that does not make the mark on safety. Product recalls happen all the time, but what products make it into your home? This holiday, we want to make sure you are making the safest choices for your children when purchasing toys, especially those that could be defective.1011783.large

When purchasing toys, be sure to check for small parts that could be considered choking hazards. Warning labels such as age consideration and instructions should be checked beforehand. Last year, there was an estimated 256,700 children treated for toy-related injuries. Most toy-related deaths were due to asphyxiation (choking or other breathing related incidents), many of which occur because small parts break off toys and lodge in the child’s throat.

To make sure your child is not one inured, check with these websites to see what items are recalled or known to be flawed:

To make this an even safer holiday for you and your family, check out the lists of recalled toys and other items before making any purchases for your family and friends.

Tiano O’Dell would rather no child ever be the victim of a defective toy or product, and we have provided these links to make sure your child is not a victim. However, if you or someone you know has been affected by a faulty toy or product, contact attorneys at the law firm of Tiano O’Dell for more information. You could be entitled to compensation for your claim. While nobody should suffer from a defective product, it occasionally does happen. This holiday season, we want to make sure it does not happen to you or your family.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.