These Don't Make Great Gifts - 25 Recently Recalled Toys

The holidays invoke thoughts of family and friends, great food, and gift giving. We all want to find the perfect presents for the people we love – but there are some toys that should not be on your list. Recalls happen all of the time, and staying informed is essential when buying for children. These 25 toys have been recalled and should not be on your gift list:

Choking Hazards

  1. Peanuts Flying Ace Ride-On Toys – these are sold exclusively at Target. In addition to being a choking hazard, the paint can contain excessive lead.
  2. Starbrights Dragon Build-A-Bear – this toy’s seams may open, exposing stuffing.
  3. Manhattan Group My Snuggle Ellie Activity Toy – its wooden ring can break.
  4. Bunnies by the Bay Bud and Skipit Wheely Cute Pull Toys – hubcaps come off.
  5. Schylling Police Press & Go Toy Vehicles – the hate can detach from the policeman.
  6. Branded LLC Kaleidoscope – removable end caps are a choking hazard, and internal components may cause lacerations.
  7. Level of Discovery Fly Boy Airplane Rocker – red wooden knobs on steering panel console may detach.
  8. LS Import Airplane and Butterfly Push Toy – wheels of airplane and balls of butterfly antenna can become detached.
  9. Toys R Us Just Like Home Toaster Sets – this toy can crack under pressure, creating small pieces with sharp edges.
  10. Lakeshore Bristle Builders for Toddlers – the base of the animal figures can detach.
  11. Discount School Supply Magnetic Color Sorting Board – its magnetic wand can detach, and the backing can crack, which releases small metal balls. These pose choking hazards and can cause serious internal injury. The paint on the metal balls also contains lead.
  12. Ganz Plush Grumpy Cat – eyes can detach.
  13. Design Ideas Neatleaf Rubber Ducky Magnets and Blowfish Splat Magnets – magnets can detach from product. Ingestion of multiple magnets can lead to serious internal injury.
  14. Midwest CBK Baby Rattles – head of the rattle can detach.
  15. Manhattan Group Baby Rattles – colored arches can break.
  16. Juratoys Sardines Fishing Game and Starfish Fishing Game – plastic worm at the end of the fishing pole line can separate, posing a choking risk. The worm also contains a magnet, which can result in internal injuries if swallowed.

Lead or Lead Paint Hazards

  1. Northern Tool + Equipment Little Digger Toy – contains lead paint.
  2. Cycle Gear Wheelies Semi-Truck and Push Along Motorcycle – contains lead.
  3. Minga Fair Trade Imports Wooden Flipping Acrobat Toy – paint on the wood contains excessive levels of lead.

Other Dangers

  1. Tough Treads Auto Carrier – sold at Family Dollar, the die-cast metal cars have sharp edges that can cause cuts.
  2. Barnett Outdoors Sports and Hunting Slingshots – slingshot may strike the user; the wrist strap can slip off the wrist brace when it is pulled back.
  3. Giggle International Animated Monkey Toy – sold exclusively at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, it can reach temperatures up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. My Sweet Love/My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll – sold at Walmart, the circuit board on the doll’s chest can overheat, causing a burn hazard.
  5. Horizon Hobby Blade 500 X BNF and Blade 500 3D RTF and BNF Remote Controlled Model Helicopters – tail rotor grip used to secure tail rotor blade can separate and release, causing a crash and injury hazard.
  6. Doodlebutt Water-Absorbing Polymer Toys – may be mistaken for candy. If ingested, they can cause severe internal damage.

The Consumer Safety Product Commission website lists all recalled toys, but there are some that go unlisted. If your child has been hurt by a toy, especially one under recall, a West Virginia products liability lawyer at Tiano O’Dell, PLLC can explain the options available to you. Give us at call at (304) 720-6700 or contact us online today.