Safety Tips for Pets on July 4

Our pets become part of the family, which is why it is so important to take steps to keep them safe on Independence Day. With so many activities going on around the July 4 holiday, it can be easy to forget that our dog, cats, and other pets can get scared or hurt. Today, we want to discuss some of the safety concerns we have for pets on July 4 and discuss some tips for keeping them safe.

Preparing early will make the day go easier

The July 4 holiday is similar to other holidays. Many families are extremely busy around this time of year, so planning pet safety needs to happen well in advance. Here are some things you can do in the month leading up to Independence Day:

  • Make sure you update all of your pets’ identification tags. Many people do not like to put a collar on their cats for fear of them getting caught on bush or branch, but there are several collars on the market that will break off in these situations. If you have a horse, consider putting a safety halter with your contact information on the horse.
  • Are your pets microchipped? This is a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure that has helped many people get their lost pets back.
  • Take an up-to-date photo of each pet just in case they get lost.

Some tips for the big day

You should be ready for fireworks to begin well before dark on July 4. In many cases, people set fireworks off the days before and after July 4, so be ready for some unexpected noises that could spook your pets. We recommend some other tips for pets during this holiday:

  • Leave your pets at home if you are going to July 4 parties. Unfamiliar areas and people mixed in with fireworks are going to spook your pet.
  • You may want to consider keeping your pets in a safe room they cannot escape from or even a crate for this night.
  • If you have horses or other livestock, make sure all enclosures are secured.
  • If you have friends and family at your house for the holiday, remind them that you have pets and ask them to help keep an eye on them. While you always remember to keep your pets safe and secure, your guests will not.
  • It can be warm outside on July 4, and our little buddies can get hot under all that fur. Do not leave your pets outside for extended periods of time. Never leave a pet in the car when it is hot outside.
  • Keep your pets away from hot grills or any bonfires that are burning on your property.
  • Remember only to feed your pets their regular food. It can be tempting to feed them all the delicious holiday food, but this could make them sick. Similarly, remember that many of the products used on July 4 are toxic to pets, including fireworks, lighter fluid, bug sprays, and more.
  • If you are at home for the night, check on your pet regularly. If they are nervous, they certainly will not mind a comforting pat.
  • When the celebrations are over, check your yard for any firework debris that may have fallen or been left out the night before.