Negligent Security: If It Is Predictable, It Is Preventable

We should not have to worry about the safety of ourselves and our loved ones when we visit an establishment, storefront, park, apartment complex, or any other public property. Sometimes, criminal acts, due to location, lighting, past occurrences, and the like, make other criminal acts very foreseeable/predictable. When something is foreseeable or predictable, it is preventable.

That is where premises liability comes into play for the innocent victim. Premises liability is when property owners are held accountable because the property owner failed to provide a reasonable degree of security or take other safety measures to prevent its customers or others from being unnecessarily injured or killed.

What is negligent security?

Negligent security is an area of premises liability that deals with holding property owners liable for any damages or injuries on their property due to a lack of reasonable security. Negligent security cases can occur at various property types, from shopping malls and grocery stores to apartment buildings and amusement parks. Negligent security can happen at any place open to the public.

What are some examples of negligent security?

A property owner can take steps to minimize the risks of foreseeable violent crimes, like security camera installation, security gates, adequate lighting, and more. Negligent security can include lack of security (guards, gate, locks, etc.), low or inadequate lighting, and improper surveillance. With proper security, most foreseeable or predictable criminal activity is preventable.

What are some injuries caused by negligent security?

Negligent security can lead to rape, shootings, beatings, carjacking, kidnapping, and other offenses. In addition to physical harm, severe emotional distress, and psychological effects from these and other violent acts are also common among victims.

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