As more doctors recommend cold therapy devices, the instances of cold therapy device injuries increase. Cold therapy devices, sometimes referred to as cryo therapy devices, are used to help reduce swelling and pain in inflamed areas. Doctors may recommend their use after a surgery, or they may be prescribed after a serious injury. The aim is to reduce swelling and relieve pain by numbing the area. However, cold therapy device injuries occur because these devices are too good at numbing the area. Users can’t feel frostbite occurring, or even permanent nerve damage beginning, because the area is numbed and desensitized.

Why are Cold Therapy Device Injuries Considered Defective Product Cases?

Cold therapy device injuries fall under the umbrella of defective products for a number of reasons. Many people never receive proper instruction on how to effectively and safely use these devices. Often times, people are not warned of the possible dangers in using them. Additionally, the devices lack safety controls, such as time limit alerts and alarms to warn users that the area is dangerously cold.

With the addition of consumer safety warnings and proper instructions, the number of cold therapy device injuries could be reduced and ultimately prevented. However, since these elements are absent, these types of injuries continue to be improperly used and cause serious injuries.

Cold Therapy Device Injuries: The Consequences

Cold therapy device injuries typically come in two forms: skin damage, and nerve damage. In some instances users experience both, but most injuries occur to either the skin or nerves. These cold therapy device injuries may be short term, but it could also be permanent. If the frostbite is severe enough, the area may never recover. You could experience a complete loss of sensation, permanent skin discoloration and long-term nerve damage. Severe frostbite damage can occur near vital body parts including joints, knees and elbows and cause significant long term disabilities.

Getting Help from a Product Liability Lawyer

If for any reason your doctor prescribes a cold therapy device, or you have suffered significant nerve or dermal damage due improper use, it is essential to your health that you hire the skilled West Virginia defective product attorneys at Tiano O’Dell PLLC who have extensive knowledge about the misuse of cold therapy devices and other dangerous medical devices.