Tiano O’Dell Reaches $3,000,000 Settlement After Tractor Trailer Crash

Lawyers at the Charleston-based law firm Tiano O’Dell, PLLC were able to reach a $3,000,000 settlement for a client who was struck by a tractor-trailer and left with a traumatic brain injury.

Unfortunately, all too often, drivers stranded on the side of an interstate or simply just driving on the road face the risk of being crashed into by a fast-approaching tractor-trailer. When a car gets into an accident with a tractor-trailer, the tractor-trailer will likely decimate the automobile simply because the tractor-trailer weighs so much more. A tractor-trailer, big rig, 18 wheeler, or other large truck can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. fully loaded, while a typical automobile may weigh approximately 2,500 to 3,000 pounds.

These sometimes-deadly accidents can be caused by driver fatigue, driver distraction, equipment failure, weather conditions, and improperly loaded cargo.

Case Background

The client of Tiano O’Dell was experiencing car malfunctions while driving down a West Virginia interstate when a tractor-trailer struck his vehicle from behind. When our client began to experience the malfunction, he quickly put on his blinker to turn off onto the shoulder. As he was slowing and almost completely on the shoulder, the tractor-trailer rear-ended his car at a high rate of speed without any effort to slow or move into the passing lane. An eyewitness confirmed our client’s blinker was on for a long period of time, and the truck had plenty of time to slow and move into the other lane.
Our client appeared to have only minor injuries, however, the lingering effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) began to present themselves. The driver began to experience mood changes, sensitivity to light and loud noises, and trouble concentrating and remembering– common symptoms of a TBI.

The Aftermath of the Diagnosis

Once the client reached out to Tiano O’Dell, the lawyers worked tirelessly to determine if the crash caused some sort of brain injury given the client’s concerns and symptoms. Tiano O’Dell was able to get their client to one of the top brain injury experts in the country, Dr. Randall Benson of Dearborn, Michigan. Dr. Benson has seen and treated some of the nation’s most well-known NFL players. Dr. Benson used the same scan and treatment procedures on Tiano O’Dell’s client as he does on NFL football players.
Through a Diffusion Tensor Imaging scan and after analyzing the patient, Dr. Benson determined the client had received a TBI. This diagnosis resulted in the client being unable to go back to work and having to alter his life in a multitude of ways.

The Settlement

Following the diagnosis, Tiano O’Dell pursued and prepared to take on a brain injury case. The lawyers were able to reach a $3,000,000 settlement and the client was compensated for the lost wages from being unable to work as well as the suffering he had undergone.

For more than two decades, Tiano O’Dell has been representing victims of truck accidents in Charleston and throughout the state. If you were injured in a tractor-trailer accident, it is advisable to consult with an experienced, reputable and successful West Virginia personal injury attorney. A complimentary consultation is available to discuss the specific details of your case.