The holiday season is approaching, and parents are buying gifts for their children. But some can be dangerous. You can usually identify potential problems based on age restrictions and advice on labels. However, kid’s items have not always had these cautions. Below are 20 of the most dangerous toys of all time, including a few that set the precedence for warnings:

  1. CSI Fingerprints Examination Kit – the powder contained 7 percent asbestos.
  2. Magnetics – the parts were small and easily swallowed, causing a choking hazard; they were also all magnetic. Magnets would link in the digestive system instead of passing through, causing internal injuries.
  3. Lawn Darts – essentially steel skewers coming straight out of the sky at speed, the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned them after the death of at least three children.
  4. The Austin Magic Pistol – this gun used gas-powered combustion to launch a ball. It used calcium carbide, a hazardous material that would explode when mixed with water.
  5. Aqua Dots – these beads could be made into a design and permanently set with water. However, the glue that fused the beads was made with GHB – the date rape drug. When swallowed, it could cause severe sickness.
  6. Inflatable Baby Boats – the leg straps were prone to tearing, allowing the infant to slip through.
  7. Snacktime Cabbage Patch Doll – this doll would “eat” various plastic snacks. It also ate the fingers and hair of some children.
  8. Mini Hammocks – the hammocks did not have spreader bars to keep them open, allowing them to twist. At least 12 children were killed by them.
  9. Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game – these cards contained 3,000 parts per million of lead; the recommended allowance is 40 parts per million. Because the lead was in the vinyl of the cards as opposed to paint, it was not covered by regulations.
  10. Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab – a toy sold in the early 1950s as an educational set, it contained four uranium-bearing samples with an order form for more.
  11. Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper – it is responsible for all choking hazard warnings today after a child shot it into his mouth and choked to death in 1978.
  12. Bird of Paradise Slingshot – the missiles fired by this slingshot were essentially razors.
  13. Sky Dancers – these toys could be twirled by a cord and would float down to the ground. But they did not always float down gracefully; they often fell out of the sky, striking children.
  14. Super Blast Balls – these balls could be smashed together to create a loud sound and some sparks. They caused several injuries and fires before they were banned.
  15. Creepy Crawlers – the plastic that was heated to mold bugs was toxic and caused burn injuries.
  16. Empire Little Lady Stove – it heated up to 600 degrees, higher than most real home ovens.
  17. Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Gun – a belt buckle concealed the gun, which could swing on its hinge and fire. Friction could set off the gun, causing injuries to the abdomen.
  18. Moon Shoes – they caused broken ankles and were made of many sharp pieces of metal.
  19. Sky Rangers Park Flyer Radio-Controlled Airplane – this airplane would explode on impact. If it hit a person, it could cause burns and lacerations.
  20. Slip N’ Slide – if the slide wasn’t wet enough, it would cause children to immediately stop when hitting it. It also hurt teenagers and adults, because the slide was too short to accommodate them.

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